Breaking News: Scifantor’s dawn arrival, Gold Coast

We cross live now to Stella Stardust for an update on the Scifantor story. “Good morning Stella. We hear there was an all night vigil.”

“Yes indeed Ray, many Scifantor fans gathered here last night at the Spit awaiting it’s appearance, and they weren’t disappointed.”

“All night? They were that certain?”

“What we have here Ray are true believers. Well, there’s some of the Spits’s homeless residents here too, glad of the free coffee, but they also joined the vigil. I spoke to one of the elder Scifantorians earlier. He told me the desert portents were clear. The Gold Coast would be its home, and tonight’s Uranus, Venus, Mars trine was clearly the moment.”

“Stella, you tell me they weren’t disappointed?”

“Ray, you can see there’s a buzz in the crowd – a quiet confidence. They are gathered around a swirling eddy of sand. Elders are adamant it’s a Scifantor in the making.”

“We can’t get footage?”

“No Ray, no cameras allowed at all in this formative stage. They are concerned a flash or lights of any kind now would disturb it. But they tell me it won’t be long, and we can all wonder at this ancient creature come to life.”

“Well Stella, that is good news. An important moment for the world.”

“Indeed Ray, very good news.”

“There won’t be cruise ship terminal there now, then!”

“Absolutely not, or casino. It’s the home of the ancients now. An ancient being bringing new wisdom – a true awakening …”

“We”ll leave you there Stella. That was Stella Stardust, our time travelling reporter, live today, our time, from the Gold Coast, Australia.


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