Stand Clear

Had a quiet moment grocery shopping yesterday, pausing for a cappuccino.  Decided to do this micro fiction in the second person – just to try it out.  Interesting.  It really makes you aware of the reader, the whole time… know how it goes. The morning’s a frantic blur of shower  and gulped down breakfast in the car.  The muesli bar wrapper is still in your hand. You finally make it to the station, and just as you get out and lock the car, you hear that solemn, annoying male baritone announcing, “Airport train arriving platform one in two minutes”. You break into a flat out run, praying that there is sufficient balance on your Go Card to let you do a flying swipe through the gates.

You get to the entrance, swipe, and a strange message appears on the digital display,’Entering the SciFantOr zone‘. You figure it’s some movie promo, and move through the open gates … Only there are no longer any gates, and the world appears as if you are wearing your flat- mate’s inch thick reading glasses. You blink, the train rumbles above, so you keep moving. You are no longer clattering along the tiled station flooring. You are running through space, no space suit, just you and the endless star spangled blackness. You keep going, because, weirdly, you can still hear the baritone announce, “Airport Train, arriving platform 1 …”

You see a round yellowish light ahead. A flashlight? You are moving towards it at a rapid pace. It’s getting bigger and bigger … It’s huge. It’s not a light. It’s the moon – that full wonderful friendly face. You stop running to admire it. The familiar face is comforting. All is silent.

Suddenly, giant red pixilated letters start scrolling across the moon’s face. You slowly read … ‘S C I F A N T O R  A R R I V I N G   P L A T F O R M  2  N E R A N G
G O L D  C O A S T.  
S T A N D   C L E A R   P L E A S E,  S T A N D  C L E A R‘.

Confusion. A shimmering sensation passes through your body. Once more you are standing on the platform. You stare uncomprehendingly at the arse end of your train as it leaves the station. You look across to platform 2. Empty. You glance up at its digital display, ‘Missed your train? . . . No one can miss Scifantor … Now boarding.’



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