February 2014 – Quick meeting roundup

New Words.
This month’s new words…
Copse  – a small group of trees. Origin: late 16th century: shortened from coppice
Roiling  – (with object)  make (a liquid) turbid or muddy by disturbing the sediment: e.g.  ‘winds roil these waters’. – (no object) (of a liquid) move in a turbulent, swirling manner: e.g. ‘the sea roiled below her’. Origin:  late 16th century: perhaps from Old French ruiler ‘mix mortar’, from late Latin regulare ‘regulate’.

Books this month.
Brett recommends ‘On The Steel Breeze’ by Alistair Reynolds. Brett said it was complex, a great read and well written”.
Janis has been reading Nick Earls (a Queensland author).

SCIFANTOR on the move.
Janis and Brett will meet up for coffee some time next week…they will be sussing out a new venue – possibly for a trial run in March.  Below are 2 suggested venues for when Ashmore Gardens closes…in June 2014. Do you have any suggestions for a meeting place?
1. Emerald Lakes  Gloria Jean
2. Royal Pines Resort Tees Clubhouse (open 7 days a week until late) have a look at the breakfast menu.

What have the SCIFANTORITES been up to…
Brett and David are writing a screen play together. The screenplay will be entered into the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition. The competition is open to all screen writers that have never earned any money professionally from screen writing. Competition closes Feb 28 2014. Good Luck David and Brett!
Janis has enrolled in Master of Arts and Media at Griffith university. Well Done Janis!
Greg will be epublishing his book “Another Alias” in the next month. Keep us posted Greg and send the link when your ebook is up!

This month’s Micro Fiction – the theme was “Recycled”.
Thank you Brett for “Tunnel city” and Janis for “Reduce, Reuse, Recyle”.  If you missed these stories, check them out on Scifantor.

Microfiction theme for March the theme is “ABDUCTION!”.

March Topic.
General discussion on “Traditional vs New Routes” to publishing your work.

March Group Outing.
Indie Authors Down Under Book Signing
Sat 22 Mar, 10:00am–4:00pm
Where: Outrigger Surfers Paradise,  22 View Street, Gold Coast
Restrictions: All Ages Ticket Information: General Admission: $10.00

Come along and support THE ZANE!!!

Have a good month everyone.





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