March 2014 – Quick meeting roundup

What have the Scifantorites been upto in the past month…
The Zane published MIAMI D.O.A
Greg published Another Alias
Congratulations and well done to both of you!

New words.
Initialism – are abbreviations which consist of the initial (i.e. first) letters of words and which are pronounced as separate letters when they are spoken e.g BBC for British Broadcasting Corporation or CD for compact disc.
Astroturfing – the creation of lobbying groups that appear to be separate from corporate interests, but that are actually funded by them. As opposed to “grass-roots” political activism.
Grelfie – this is a brand new new word – it is a group selfie photo….hehehe…thanks Brett!!!

Books, movies, games, anything that rated a mention this month.
* Janis recommended “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself Into Print” by Renni Browne (Author), Dave King (Author).
* Brad recommended “Novel with Cocaine” a European Classic by M. Ageyev (Author) and Michael Henry Heim (Translator).
* Brett is not recommending “Aurora Darwin” by Amanda Bridgeman, as nothing happens.

Brad recommended (or did he?) “Fido” (2007) starring Billy Connolly.

David and Brett recommended BBC’s A Young Doctor’s Notebook

SCIFANTOR on the move.
We had our first meeting at Tee’s Clubhouse.  The seating is spacious and comfortable with a great view back over the golf course. The coffee is good. The table was set up and jugs of iced water were delivered as soon as we sat down. What more could we want? We have the great company and now a really terrific location for our meeting.  I think this venue is a keeper! Thank you Janis and Brett for doing the leg work and sussing out a few places. To commemorate the decision Brett took a “grelfie”…

March 2014 grelfie
March grelfie

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Abduction”.
This theme seems to have struck a chord with everyone. There was a great response. Thank you to Rebecca, Janis, David and Brett. If you missed these stories, check them out on Scifantor. David read Rebecca’s MF out loud to everyone at today’s meeting. Seriously creepy Rebecca!!!

Micro Fiction theme for next month is “Area 51”.

Meeting Date Change.
NEXT meeting will be on Sunday 13th April at Tee’s Clubhouse, Royal Pines Golf Course, Ross St Benowa. The meeting is one week early due to Easter Sunday falling on 20th April.

Other dates to look out for are…
Zane Owen Yates appears at the Indie Authors Down Under event on Saturday 22nd of March at the Outrigger Hotel in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

Supanova Gold Coast 2014Friday 4th April to Sunday 6th April at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Have a good month everyone!!!

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