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Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting several amazing, inspiring authors. The event was called ‘Indie Authors Down Under’, held here on the Gold Coast and featuring over 60 independent authors. Fans could meet the authors of their favourite books, so I took the opportunity to bravely introduce myself to any author writing in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

Every author I spoke to was gracious and generous with their time. I would introduce myself and give them some background about our little writers’ group, based here on the Gold Coast, and they all did a great job of feigning interest. If their queue wasn’t too long, I’d ask a little about their process and upcoming projects. If there was a queue of people behind me, all grumbling because the fat grumpy blind man was holding up the line, I’d just snap a quick photo and move on (although I’d go back and have a chat when the queue died down… I love to have a chat!).

Our own Zane Owen Yates had a table at the event, selling his books ‘Miami P.I.’ and ‘Miami D.O.A.’, permanent marker in hand, signing everything that came within his reach. Several other Scifantor members were mingling at the event, either helping out other authors or networking. We even met Ree, Zane’s mythical wife. Up until yesterday, we’d all just assumed she was an imaginary friend of Zane’s and that nobody else could actually see her.

Liam M. Taylor had the (mis)fortune of sitting next to Zane. He was promoting the first novel from his series ‘The Shard Chronicles‘… ‘Book One: The Naissance’ looks like a great read, and has now been purchased and added to my Kindle. I can’t wait to read it! As for Liam himself, what a charming man! Nice, friendly, and very passionate about his writing. I look forward to reading many more books from him.

Next I approached Lauren Dawes, author of the urban fantasy series ‘Half Blood’ and ‘Dark’. She was effervescent, very generous with her time. Not only is she a writer, she’s also an editor and proofreader. I know who’s going to be the lucky editor of my next novel with poor grammar and tense issues! I took up a heap of her time, and not once did she mention getting a restraining order… Now that’s class!

After Lauren, I approached Louise Cusack. Louise is very professional and prolific, in both the fantasy and romance genres. She has hosted hundreds of workshops, and is a manuscript mentor. Over the years she has helped many an emerging author develop their story.

I did a quick lap of the function room and spotted Cassandra Webb,  author of children’s books and young adult fantasy. Cassandra looked glorious, greeting me with a big smile as I approached her table. She was promoting her novel ‘New’ from the Kemla Saga, along with the rest of her enormous catalog. Cassandra was an inspiration!

The first time I approached Kimberley Clark‘s table, there was a man seated there. ‘Are you Kimberley?” I asked him timidly, not wishing to make any assumptions… maybe Kimberley is an old family name. Turns out he wasn’t, he was just filling her seat while she networked. When the real Kimberley turned up, I was glad. She was delightful! Make sure you buy her book ‘The Species Within’, from her series ‘Battles in the Dark’!

Next, Zane Owen Yates introduced me to Jamie Campbell. Jamie is a  talented and prolific author and screenwriter. She stood there very patiently while Zane and I exchanged blows and insults. Unfortunately I didn’t have a huge amount of time with Jamie because her queue started grumbling, but she was absolutely lovely! Be sure to buy her book ‘Unite’!

I moved on to Jacinta Maree‘s table. She shone like a Goddess of Light… bright smile, sparkling eyes, air of mischief and fun. Keep in mind, this lady writes horror! She was charming, engaging, funny, and adorable… I wanted to adopt her! Hell, I almost turned straight for her! Jacinta has completed two books in her ‘My Demonic Ghost’ series, titled ‘Banished Spirits’ and ‘The Reapers’. Make sure you support her, or I’ll come for you…

Finally I met Frankie Rose. Frankie is beautiful and awe inspiring. Her novel ‘Halo’ is a great read too! Frankie stood there patiently while I tried to take her photo, very tolerant as I gushed like a total fanboy. She is yet another example of the amazing talent we have in Australia.

Every single author was inspirational (even you, Zane Owen Yates). They set goals, and they are achieving them. Thank you all for your time 🙂

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