April 2014 – Quick meeting roundup

What have the Scifantorites been up to in the past month…
Brett published “Hunted: An Introduction to the Binda Universe” on Amazon. It is a novella. 55 copies were sold in the first week. The novella has also been submitted to Amazon Kindle Singles. The novella also broke into the top 100 on 3 different categories e.g. 1 Hour short stories, SciFi and Fantasy. Well Done Brett! We are looking forward to your next novella.

The Zane told us how he outlines some of his characters. For the book “Guidance” which is a work in progress, Zane has a character sheet where he has attached an actor to each of his characters, to assist in visualising them, he has also added the type of car they would drive.  The Zane also said that Miami DOA had cracked the top 100 in the Australian Drama category on Amazon.  Well done The Zane!  The Zane talked about Kindle World.  If you love a universe and that world is licensed on Kindle World then you can submit your story.  A bit more controlled than fan fiction and worth a look, to find out more click here.

Janis’s first subject in her Masters in Arts and Media is Novella. She is writing her novella with the working title of “Making Senses” – it is progressing well.  Janis gave a bit of an overview today and discussed some of the topics that she has covered in the lectures she has attended. I won’t spoil the novella by repeating the premise here, you will have to wait until it is published, hopefully sometime this year!

New words.

Novellacide – the killing of a reader by getting them so involved in reading your novel that they forget to eat, drink and breathe. The Zane admitted he nearly did this to his mother when she read his last work.

PTSD – can also be Post Twitter Stress Disorder, for the people who are over twitter.

Books, movies, TV, Youtube, games, anything that rated a mention this month.

Brett and David both recommended this book – they read it about 15 years ago but it has stayed with them as a beautifully written and unique book, “A Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin. It was made into a  movie and released earlier this year.

Brett also recommended, “Pines” (The Wayward Pines Series, Book One) by Blake Crouch.

The Zane recommended the following, “Sleep Tight” by Rachel Abbott – worth a look.

And “The Eden Plague” (Plague Wars) (Volume 1) by David Vandyke. And if you like the world try the short story from the same universe called “The Reaper’s Run“.


The Lego Movie” was a very ordinary story from Janis. A Shrek movie it is not.

Noah” also got an interesting reaction from Janis, “Who was this movie made for?”.

On the “Divergent” movie Zane said that the book is better and he would have probably enjoyed the movie more if he had not read the book.  They could have cut the last 20 minutes. But he is still going to go and see the next movie.”

Ventriloquists youtube

Achmed the Dead Terrorist – Jeff Dunham. How did we get onto this topic? And Ted E. Bear – David Strassman, check them out on youtube.

SCIFANTOR grelfie…

April grelfie

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Area 51”.
Thank you Janis for a look at some of your other galactic media personalities, Rudi the Revealer and Samuel Sirius in your micro fiction, “Tourist Mecca: Area 51”.

Micro Fiction theme for next month is “Werewolves”.

Next Meeting Date.
9.30am on Sunday 18th May at Tee’s Clubhouse Royal Pines Golf Course Ross St, Benowa.

Other dates to look out for are…
The launch of the Gold Coast Anthology “Undertow” from Prana Writers is on Saturday 10th May at Southport. More information to follow re time and location.

Check out some of the authors from the anthology on the Gold Coast Anthology facebook page.

Janis said that 13 out of the 20 stories in the anthology are speculative fiction.

Have a good month everyone!!!


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