Next meeting – 18th May

Scifantor’s next meeting is on the 18th of May, 2014, at Tee’s Clubhouse, Royal Pines Golf Course. Our meetings are a lot of fun… sometimes we even discuss science fiction, horror, and fantasy books!

Next month’s micro fiction theme is ‘werewolves’. I can’t wait to get my teeth into that one! If you’ve never seen ‘Hemlock Grove’ by Netflix, I thoroughly recommend it. It has the coolest werewolf transformation scene, ever!

I hope to have published a new collection of short stories before this meeting, titled ‘The Cursed – Volume 1’… The stories are all anxiously awaiting their editorial process.

Why not come along to the meeting and introduce yourself? We’d love you to join us 🙂

Author: Brett Holzhauser

Speculative fiction to die for

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