A few thoughts on micro fiction

Micro fiction is a gateway fiction. You start off with a few succinct, well-received tales between 500-1000 words, and before you know it you are desperate to try a short story. Once you have a few short stories behind you, you crave a novel. That’s the hard stuff! You look back on your first micro fiction, and you have mixed feelings. On one hand, you have no regrets… picking up that pen seemed so easy at the time. On the other hand, now you can’t put that pen down. The rest of your life is falling apart around you, but you must¬†have your fiction. You’re an addict.

Here at Scifantor, we set a micro fiction theme every month. There’s no obligation to write a micro fiction for that month’s meeting… the theme exists purely to motivate and inspire. Under no circumstances do we want you to feel like we’re pushers. You don’t have to pick up that pen. You don’t have to move on from our micro fiction themes, on to short stories. That’s your choice, and your’s alone. Scifantor takes no responsibility!

This month’s theme is Werewolves. Why not come and join us at Tee’s Club House, Royal Pines Gold Course, on Sunday at 9:30am. We’re the ones with the shakes, tremors, and pens in hand.

Author: Brett Holzhauser

Speculative fiction to die for

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