I drifted sometimes through the past days of my life and at other times through a future that was incomprehensible to me. The choice of time was never mine. Although the place was always somewhere holding a piece of me. One instant I would be nowhere and the next I would be back.


Those times I went back, I would desperately try to communicate with anyone who was there. I had got past the weirdness of trying to communicate with myself. I faintly remembered that I used to get those feelings that someone was watching then. Now I knew it had been me watching.


The best of times was when I got to visit with my old cat. As I tried to pat him from head to tail, he would start to purr as if he knew I was there. Then he would gently drift off to sleep, leaving me to sit alone beside him slowly drifting apart back into nothing.

Author: Scifantor

Fear me. I am your god.

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