June 2014 – Quick meeting roundup


Bitch mode was definitely engaged at today’s meeting with quips and insults flying back and forth across the table. We can only assume the jocularity was down to our guest from the US, Mr Michael Awad. Welcome Mike, I hope you enjoyed our informal get together. We hope you have a wonderful stay in OZ.

What have the Scifantorites been up to in the past month…

Brett released Chapter 10 of Cade Copper on Wattpad. Some of the group is following and providing Brett with feedback. So get on board and give Brett your feedback!

Janis handed in her 8000 word Novella called “Making Senses” as one of her assignments for her Masters in Arts and Media. Well done Janis.

Writing Notes…

If you are ready to upload your book to Amazon, go to Author Central  and create an author profle. The bio from Author Central will overwrite any bio that is already attached to your previously uploaded books. However this centralisation will allow readers to find out what else you have published and ready to read very quickly.

Books, movies, TV, Youtube, games, anything that rated a mention this month.

Books and eBooks:

The Family DuMont (Book 1) by Austin Wright and Adam Knox.  David’s interesting description about the book, “You need a ‘packed lunch’ to get through some of the paragraphs”.

The Atlantis Gene and The Atlantis Plague from The Origin Mystery by A.G. Riddle.  Brett is enjoying the series and recommends it.

The Descent Series (Death’s Hand – Book 1, The Darkest Gate – Book 2  and more)  by SM Reine.  Zane is struggling through Book 1, he is not sure why because it is well written and he likes some of the characters BUT…

My Puppy Turned?!?! by  wolfforever is being released on Wattpad and has 1.5 million followers. Brett said, “The writing is stunningly atrocious!  It is all over the place, there is no punctuation and it is a stream no make that a scream of consciousness writing…”

Movies – Dvds – TV – Youtube:

Pain & Gain (2013). Not really speculative fiction but Zane enjoyed it.

After Earth (2013). Brett and David gave up. Adriana saw it a while ago and thought the sets were good but the acting was <shoulder shrug> “Meh!”.

The Wil Wheaton Project (2014). TV Series  –  Talk-Show . David has watched 3 episodes and is enjoying it.

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Ghosts”.

The response to the Micro Fiction this month was outstanding. We had a guest writer this month, Alivia Yates, a very mature 10. Check out everyone’s stories for this month and from previous months – click on this link.

Micro Fiction theme for next month is “Anything to do with Cats” .

…some suggestions on a direction you might like to pursue…

Cat – a – stroph – ic
101 ways to skin a cat (dead or alive)
Dead Cat Society
Cat Opera

Next Meeting Date.           9.30am on Sunday 20th July at Tee’s Clubhouse Royal Pines Golf Course Ross St, Benowa.

Have a good month everyone!!!


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