Cat’s got your tongue

Real live words taken over by cats. A febrile frenzy of feline Words.

Strictly Not suitable for dogs …

Cats eating each other – and themselves when they’re hungry … After all, what are nine lives for?

Cats on a high wire, cats on trapezes – it’s catabatic!

No cats are baptists. They hate water remember? Why on earth would any cat allow themselves to be fully immersed just to be reborn? Much more fun to just leap off a tall building.

Humans call this a disaster. Cats say no word can mean disaster if it starts with CAT.

Sounds emitted by two cats fighting. Known to strike a sweet spot outside any bedroom window at 3 am.

These don’t exist. Cats will only allow brushing.

Oh please. As if a human could relegate a cat to a corner.

That’s all for now folks!


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