Road to Purrrdition

I watched from the tree as they loaded you in the car to take you back to the pound. Kids were bawling their eyes out. You were still yap, yap, yapping as they buckled you in. They still couldn’t see me. Well, that’s the end of you now. Too much barking. Neighbours complained. Even got a letter from the Council about it. Ha! I hadn’t achieved that before.

You weren’t even a bad sort of dog – as far as canines go. But, these are my humans to ignore. I don’t want them fawned over by some yippety, yappity dog. I was always just out of sight, right until they’d put you outside – then I would slink back in ….

Wonder if they’ll bring another one back? Probably, but I’ll be ready. Got all the hiding spots nailed. And if this one doesn’t go off its ‘nana barking at me? Well, I have other ways…Hmmm …. Better sharpen my claws.

Author: Scifantor

Fear me. I am your god.

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