Reptoid Love

Your kiss was a total ambush.  It reached in and grabbed every sense, holding my whole being ransom.  Not sure what drew me in enough to overcome my resistance.  Alien species, lipless mouth, and forked tongue is no turn-on – but, oh that tongue.  What are those twirly bits on the end? Every secret pink part of my body was brought to attention with that tongue.  How  on space-station did it do that?  So when you whispered your offer of next base, the surrender was already signed and archived.  This sort of boundless pleasure usually needs a battery-pack


2 thoughts on “Reptoid Love

    • Thanks Earth-guy. Love your group. If the wormholes are running the right way, I’ll see if I can drop by. I’m so into the retro scene and early 21C is a fave.


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