M.A.D. 2 by B. Blank

M.A.D. 2 by B. BlankA mind game between author and reader. Are you game? Do you see yourself as others do? It is a live sci-fi comedy. A new genre for an interactive age. The goal of each reader it to make it a best seller so those trapped in other dimensions can escape. Try the teaser. Click on “more detail” and then “preview” under the covers. Are you MAD 2 when conspiracy theories become real and reality just another theory.

The reluctant hero is burdened with saving humanity and he is not up to it. The settings are less than a week twenty years ago and a little over a year in ten years time. The hero is lured in with the promise of riches only to end up a frantic target in a global shooting gallery, ding ding. Some of the humanity the hero is trying to save takes great delight in his misfortune but with the reader’s help he gets his own back.

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Author: Scifantor

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