August 2014 – Quick meeting roundup


We welcomed Blake this month to his first Scifantor meeting. Blake has just finished writing his first fantasy with a working title of “Fingers of God”. Blake said that this was book 1 of a planned trilogy. The manuscript is some 165,000 words which is a mighty effort. In describing his writing style, Blake said if he had to pick someone he thinks he writes like, it would be Joe Abercrombie.


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Word for the month:

Scifantor group thingies…
Brett will be adding a group meeting/discussion area to the Scifantor website. More will be revealed when Brett is ready.
Janis and (Adriana as backup) will monitor the Scifantor Facebook pages and redirect people to the Scifantor website.
The pencil case turned up today. Thank you Janis for being the keeper of the pencil case.
Monies ($36) were handed over to Brett for the cost of joining Scifantor to Meetup. Thank you for organising that Brett. And thanks again for hosting the Scifantor website.
A decision was made to go back to the gold coin donation every month for a while so that we have some money in the kitty if we decide to do a group table at the Gold Coast Supernova in April 2015.

What have the Scifantorites been up to in the past month…
Kimberley  has finished book 2 of her trilogy. It is in the process of being edited at the moment with a new editor. This editor looks at the first 3 chapters of the manuscript and then advises you on the type of edit you require. Part of their service is to send your manuscript to their Beta Readers. Kimberley is also learning how to format with Adobe InDesign.

Zane has big plans for next month with the aim of finishing off the 3rd in the Miami PI series. Zane got all enthused when Kim said that Zane should set himself a deadline for his ‘Guidance’ manuscript. Zane recommends the movie “An Adventure in Space and Time” . This movie is about the making of Dr Who. Zane said, that the night the first episode was shown, was the day John F Kennedy was shot. No-one watched Dr Who. With the threat of it being dropped, the producer asked that the first episode be replayed before the 2nd episode was shown and as they say the rest is history…some 10 million people watched the screening of the 1st and 2nd episodes.
At the meeting on Sunday Zane gave Kimberley’s book, The Species Within” a great wrap saying that some of the scenes made him blush. Another author, Zane has been reading is Teyla Branton’s “The Change”, book 1 of the The Unbound Trilogy.

Janis has taken up fulltime studies again and is doing her Masters in Arts and Media at Griffith University. And finally the ebook version of the Gold Coast Anthology Undertow has been released.

David submitted a full feature length movie script to the Final Draft – Big Break competition. Entries closed 31st July 2014. Eleven winners will share cash, prizes, and the New York Film Academy Writing Fellowship with a total value over $80,000.

Brett has hired Doug Wells to prepare a map of Sandhi for his YA manuscript called Cade Copper. We got to see the rough draft at the meeting, really cool. Brett submitted a reworked script for the US market to Final Draft – Big Break competition.

And somewhere in the mayhem that was the past month, Brett and David moved to Brisbane.

There was lots of talk this month about…

With David and Brett’s submissions this month some time was spent discussing writing scripts. The degree of difficulty a writer may encounter when having to write in the active voice instead of the passive voice. A script writer should write only what the audience can see.

A script writing example of what not to write “You can tell by his face that he was thinking of Paris.”. Reading that sentence one wonders how a director would go ahead and film the scene and how would an actor act it?

Zane’s go to is the website Grammarly. You can subscribe annually for $90 or subscribe monthly to see if it is what you need.

Janis recommended the Australian Style Manual. Cost is $45. Janis said that it was the cleanest, clearest editing tool she has come across.

Style Manual

Some other things to think about…

What will you be doing this November 1-30. Is this the year you might consider joining NaNoWriMo to write a novel in a month?… And because we were talking scipts on Sunday don’t forget Script Frenzy–the sister event to National Novel Writing Month–runs April 1- 30.

Kim and Brett have teamed up and are going to be present at Brisbane Supernova in November. They are calling themselves the Speculative Indie Authors or SpecIA. Look out for them at Supanova and go and say hi in November.

Entries are now open for the 2014 Aurealis Awards.  Are you eligible? Check out the rules.

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Romance and speculative fiction”

We had 3 participants, Brett, Janis and David. To catch their stories and stories from previous months, click here.  I think I love this part of our meetings the most when we read our micro fiction aloud.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Gargoyles  or  Gargowls”

For next month’s story we even have a photo to inspire you…


Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 21st September at Tee’s Clubhouse Royal Pines Golf Course Ross St, Benowa.

Have a good month everyone!!!

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