September 2014 – Quick meeting roundup



Words for the month :

Not a one of these exists in the dictionary but at least one of them should…

  • Chapterise
  • Chaptify
  • Chaptinates
  • Chapterations

And thank you David for …“A billion Catholics can’t be wrong – guilt does work.” It certainly made this lapsed Catholic chuckle out loud and sad to say it is oh so true.


What have the Scifantorites been up to in the past month…

Congratulations to Blake and his wife. They welcomed a new baby girl to their family this week.

Congratulations to Greg who was named ‘Artist in Residence’ for the Bonjour French Festival. Greg also advised that book 2 of Another Alias is due out soon.

Brett submitted his script, ‘Fade To Black’ to the Gateway LA Script Development Program. This competition is run by AustraliansinFilm. Good Luck Brett.

David has started a new screenplay. He has written 10 pages so far. This is hard core science fiction.

Congratulations to Janis who had a digital story she authored uploaded onto ABCOpen. The story is called “World War 1 Soldier’s Friend – Camp Pocket Candlestick“. It is an audio slideshow about 2 minutes long. Janis not only wrote the story, took some of the photos and put the slideshow together, she also narrates it.

If you are interested in digital story telling ABCOpen runs free workshops, ‘Digital Story Telling Workshops” at Mermaid Beach library. The session is run by an ABC producer. The digital story can be anything, a photo, a written story.


There were lots of writerly topics we talked about this month…

When you finally get the hard copy of your print on demand book, you don’t always get what you expect.

Here are some observations from our Scifantorites…

Kim sent along 2 hard copies of the same book she had printed by Lightning Source and CreateSpace.

  1. CreateSpace book
    1. The book is thinner
    2. The colours on this cover are brighter
  2. Lightning Source book
    1. Binding looks better
    2. The pages are a smooth edge with the cover

Readers have let Kim know that the binding on the CreateSpace hard copy was poor and the pages were falling out.

Yet in contrast, Janis said that the authors from the Gold Coast Anthology were very happy with the  printed book done by CreateSpace.

Here is an article (January 2013) that compares the big 3 print on demand companies (Lightning Source vs CreateSpace vs Lulu).

We will probably have more lively discussions on this subject at other meetings.


Some other things to think about…

What software do you use to write?  We had a quick poll today to find out what software people use to write.

Brad – uses Open Office on Windows XP. He finds it ok.

Adriana – uses a notepad then transcribes into Word.

Janis – uses a few different things depending on the device. On any of her ‘i’ devices e.g iPhone, iPad – then it is Pages. However if working on her novel, then she uses Scrivener on the Mac. Pages is good with images.

David uses Finaldraft on the Mac.  Finaldraft is great for screenplays but somewhat irritating. David is thinking about changing to Celtx.

Brett is going to move away from Apple and apple products. He intends to give Chrome a go and will be using Google Docs. Will keep you posted on how he gets along.


This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Gargoyles”.

We had 2 participants this month, Janis and yours truly. To catch these stories and stories from previous months, click here.


Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “The Unveiling” written in the first person – present tense – active voice.

To help with this topic, I have added a bit of the background to set the scene for your micro fiction.

Think of a veiled reality, one that initially you know nothing about but somehow you stumble upon. The ‘somehow’ might be part of your normal routine or it might be something extra ordinary. The result is you are now aware of this previously ‘veiled’ reality.

To complicate this micro fiction – try and write in the first person, using the present tense with an active voice e.g. I walked.


Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 19th October. Stay tuned as the October meeting will probably be held in Brisbane.


Have a good month everyone!!!

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