Gar’s Awakening

GarGar looked out the corner of his eye. There they were. At the same time he was conscious of the sounds in the distance. He wondered if that was why he was back in this world. They were sounds he had not heard in a long while.

The dappled sunlight warmed the areas of his stone back where it was uncovered as he drifted back into the darkness leaving the sounds and the warmth behind.

The next time he came back to the world, he could feel warm hands gently pulling at the creeping vines that covered his outstretched wings. The hands caressed him down his back and paws lighter for having the greenery removed.

“Oh look, this one is missing his fangs” the voice said.

“I wonder if they are still around here?” another voice replied.

Gar screamed in his head, “They are over there, over there!” but he was not heard.

“I should get the compound just in case we find them.” the other voice continued. “Once we put the fangs back this one will be almost perfect.”

“Yeah the others are pretty badly damaged. Can’t wait to see what a whole one looks like”.

The human knelt to search for the stone fangs combing the grass, and finally found the treasure.

The wave of relief that washed over Gar as the fangs were retrieved and held up so that he saw them clearly was so immense that it started a fire in Gar’s belly as well.

“Did you get the compound?” the voice in front of Gar said.

The voice from behind Gar’s back said, “Yes I did”.

A short silence ensued and then the human knelt in front of Gar and placed the fangs back into the open jaw.

The gargoyle’s eyes lit up from within…

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