Death by Bark or Vine

So many of us are drawn to DMT. The quest for knowledge and if we use it we risk being murdered. I don’t speak of it.

The local bark suits my lifestyle. I harvest it nearby in the bush. The alternate South American vine takes 7 years to cultivate so I have to know someone. The vine is gentler as I drift in and out over two days but the bark crams the two days into an hour. I smoke 50 grams of the powder rather than inject it or stick it up my arse.

I like how the sun’s rays strike the water as it causes a multitude of geometric shapes to bounce off. I see the shapes in the grass linking up with those in the trees. Like the Mayans I can see what shapes are missing from a sick person but I don’t yet know where to find replacements to heal.

I am not game to try for all eight dimensions as I am afraid I won’t navigate back out. I won’t even visit South America to do a trip with a Mayan. That culture has thousands of years of navigation experience.

I am not lazy. I am realistic. Why put effort into gaining knowledge only to be frustratingly denied the use of it or risk being murdered by the Illuminati like Tesla.


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