October 2014 – Quick meeting roundup

No grelfie from this month’s meeting! So here is a photo of Mr M Guts chillin’ out.

2014-10-01 12.59.36

Saying for the month:
Brett to David, “All women look alike to you!”. You had to be there, it was really funny.

What have the Scifantorites been up to in the past month…
Kim had a table at Melbourne Supanova and had a successful time selling 70 copies of her book. Kim thinks that her success was helped by the postcard size flyers that she was handing out and having her books on stands on the table so that the covers could be seen by the people walking past. During the event, Kim also got a visit from one of the Dymocks representatives. They purchased a copy of her book and said that Dymocks were starting to look at self published authors and stocking the ones they like on their shelves.  Kim’s new book, The Ultimate Killer (Battles in the Dark #2) was due out on Amazon on 6th November. Be sure to check it out online or at Brisbane Supernova in November.

Brett has gotten feedback on Hunted from Kim and Brad. Interestingly the most repeated comment from all of us is that Brett should make Hunted into a full length novel because the world building is so good and everyone wants more. Brett has hit a wall with Cade Cooper. He has put it aside and is working on another story from the Binda Universe (Hunted) . As well as working on another trilogy – more to come on this in the next couple of months.

David has written 20 pages of his screenplay and is now waiting for the next round of inspiration.

By the time this roundup is published, Janis will have finished her Masters in Arts and Media. Congratulations and well done Janis! What a massive achievement.

Writerly topics discussed at the meeting…
We talked about books/book series that break ground and somehow get picked up by the public and make waves around the globe. Something that every marketing company would like to replicate. For example
Harry Potter series
The Da Vinci Code
Twilight series
50 shades of Grey series


This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “The Unveiling”:

We had 4 participants this month. Thank you Janis, David, Brett and Brad. To catch these stories and stories from previous months, click here.


Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Never to be spoken of again”:


Next month’s meeting:

November’s meeting is going to be a day out, on Saturday 29th November at Brisbane Supernova. Be sure to stop by Kim and Brett’s table and say hello to any Scifantorites hanging around.


Have a good month everyone!!!



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