December 2014 – Quick meeting roundup

What have the Scifantorites been up to in the past month…


David finished the first draft of his script ‘Hollywood High’. Well done David. He is now going to do some editing to get this script ready for the script competition calender in 2015.

Brett wrote 50,000 words in 2 weeks on his epic fantasy based in Miondor. Looking forward to getting to read some of this…

Kim did really well at Brisbane Supanova. She has set herself the ambitious goal of finishing book 3 of her Battles In The Dark series by June 2015.

Janis has put forward a proposal for a museum in Orange and was looking for advice on a script writing tool. David and Brett pointed Janis to

Some of the things we chatted about this month…

Kindle returns…if your book is returned on Kindle, this may not necessarily be a genuine return from someone who did not like your book. There can be issues with downloading your book file which contributes to your book returns. Worth investigating.

Amazon ratings…if you put your book on Amazon and offer a free download for a period of time, you will attract people who do not usually read in your genre. This may generate negative reviews. This is good to know up front.

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Never to be spoken of again”.

This theme did not inspire anyone and no micro fiction was produced. Given this we have decided to go back to science for our next topic.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Wormholes”.

Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 18th January 2015.

Safe travels to all over the festive season and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

 Have a good month everyone!!!


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