Wormholes do exist. Tunnels through time and space, allowing you to travel faster than the speed of light. Can’t wait until your eighteenth birthday? Why not enter a wormhole and arrive there in a few short moments? The idea is far more appealing the more boring, mundane route of real time.

I was excited to see Christmas. My wife and I had plans to visit my family, several time zones distant. The mundane path looked boring, and also a little daunting. All that driving. So much preparation. The trip itself was shorter than the amount of time it took to plan! I was never very patient.

The wormhole hit me in the face, with a force that knocked me flat. There was no awareness, just the occasional glimpse of real time as I sped by. As I exited the tunnel, my wife’s pale, wan face greeted me with a weak but hopeful smile. Apparently I’d overshot Christmas and landed somewhere in the new year. And, dedicated as she is, my wife had sat by my hospital bed the whole time I was recovering from the stroke that stole December.


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