He woke with a start the words repeating over and over in his head, “We are coming. Wait for us! We are coming. Wait for us!”

It had been more than a decade since he had experienced one of his dream fantasies or nightmares as his mother used to call them. Why now after so long, he wondered.

He had gone to bed early planning a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow was his first day as the Visiting Professor of Theoretical Physics, at the California institute of Technology. It was a dream come true for him. It was a role he had worked a lifetime to achieve. He had spent his life dedicated to discovering the possibilities of wormholes, that they could be used for space travel. Now he would have the funding from the university to prove that his theories were more than just imagination and dreams.

His mind flashed back to the dream that had woken him. The foreign landscape was always the same; it had never varied in any of the dreams. His mind now played out over that alien landscape again, then focused on the vast, still army in front of him. This army that he always faced alone.

Except for the dream he had just awoken from, this time he had not been alone.  This time one of that vast army was in front of him to his right. The head lowered to look at him, the wings furled, the tail slashing left to right behind him.

It was so close that he had reached his hand out to touch just below that large swirling eye that looked so knowingly at him. As his hand had touched that bright scale, the thought had gone through him, “We are coming. Wait for us! We are coming. Wait for us!”

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