January 2015 – Quick meeting roundup

Saying for the month :

“Saved by the bell” and where did that saying come from…check this website for meaning and origin of the phrase.


What do Scifantorites hope to achieve in 2015…

Kim wants to finish book 3 of her Battles In The Dark series.

David wants to get the 2nd act of his new script finished.

Brett wants to finish the 1st draft of book1 of Miondor.

Brad wants to make time to read more.

Adriana has committed to writing a micro fiction on each month’s theme.


What have the Scifantorites been up to recently…

David put aside the script for ‘Hollywood High’ to work on a new script.

Brett has put ‘Hunted’ and ‘Cursed’ onto Kobo and Google Play websites and they are doing well. Brett’s interview about his photography was posted up on the Favourite Hunks BlogSpot,

Kim has decided to go to Armageddon in Christchurch this year (I hope I got that right Kim).


Discussions today…

Gender neutral pronouns was a big topic today.

It was an interesting discussion on whether gender neutral pronouns should be used, and how this would affect a reader. Would the gender neutral pronouns interfere with the story or would the reader accept them and move on or maybe not notice them at all. There are actually a lot of articles out there about this topic. Some of them are quite passionate about getting rid of the male/female gender pronouns in the English language.


Movies recommended by Scifantorites…

2014      Autómata 

2014      The Imitation Game 

2014      Guardians of the Galaxy 

2014      The Giver

2014      Unbroken  

2013      These Final Hours 

1959      On the Beach       movie classic compared to the TV movie      2000       On the Beach 


This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Wormholes”.

This theme inspired 3 people to write micro fiction. To read these stories, click here.


Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Shapeshifting”.

Note, try and stay clear of traditional shapshiftters e.g. werewolves


Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 15th February.

We will keep you posted as there will be a change of venue for February’s meeting.


Have a good month everyone!!!


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