February 2015 – Quick meeting roundup


No grelfie this month 🙁

What have the Scifantorites been up to recently…

Brad is reviewing his published work, M.A.D. 2

Brett has opened the floodgates after writing his micro fiction this month and has completed some 70,000 words for Book 1 of his Miondor series. He says that everything is going well.

David has nearly finished writing the TV pilot for ‘Straight Guys’. He said he wrote it out of order and had lots of hard work tying everything back up. The show is different and quirky. Next on the list is a film script.

Kim is working on Reign of Fury, Book 3 in the Battles In The Dark series. The prologue is complete…she has also completed plenty of scenes but needs to start tying these scenes together. There is also plenty of pressure to complete Book 3 by June 2015. Kim is scheduled to go to 13 cons this year including Christchurch and New York. Kim’s website is being rebuilt, keep your eye out for the rebirth sometime next week. Kim also found a site that is looking for Horror fans who want to participate in getting a Youtube horror TV Show up and running.

Janis…we missed you at this month’s meeting.

Discussions today…

Ellipses: Is using ellipses a good thing in your writing or is it something to be frowned upon? How do you write in that pause that most humans do when they are talking…Interesting article called How To Use an Ellipsis… Correctly by Liz Bureman.

Literally: Google’s definition changing the meaning of the word…is this something that should be happening, do you agree or disagree?

Best Science Fiction, movie or TV series, that Scifantorites at today’s meeting consider well worth watching,  in no particular order;

Movies and TV series (not always spec fiction) mentioned in today’s meetings…

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Shapeshifting/Doppelganger”.

Some confusion today as to what the topic was for Feb. So we are carrying over the double topic to next month!!!

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Doppelganger /Shapeshifting”.

Note, try and stay clear of traditional shapshiftters e.g. werewolves etc

Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 15th March.

We will keep you posted on the venue for the March meeting


DAYTIME SPECIAL EVENT Saturday 28th Febuary.

We are going to meet up at Harbourtown and go and see Jupiter Ascending.

Once the movie is released and we have movie times we will post this up on the website.


Have a good month everyone!!!

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