March 2015 Meeting

22nd March, 9:30am

Cafe Two, Highland Reserve
25 Rose Valley Drive, Upper Coomera

Doppelganger/Shapeshifters (It’s an either/or scenario, because I stuffed up last month!)

If you choose Shapeshifters, please try to avoid the standard ones, such as werewolves and menopausal mothers-in-law.

Feedback Requests:
If you have time before the meeting, please read one of the following titles… the authors would love some feedback! (and you get a good read… fair exchange!)

The Species Within (Battles in the Dark #1)
by the gorgeous and talented Kimberley Clark

The Ultimate Killer (Battles in the Dark #2)
Kimberley Clark… did I mention gorgeous and talented?

M.A.D. 2
B. Blank (our own mysterious dark horse)

If you don’t have these titles, contact us. Maybe the authors will toss a freebie your way 🙂

As usual, a gold coin donation is appreciated (but definitely not expected). Hope to see you there :)

Brett Bridgman

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