It had been Morrigan’s idea to start with the easiest joining first. Morrigan had reasoned that going from small to large would be easier than from large to small. The first attempts had been painful and unco-ordinated for Jason.

Now that the joining path had become established the act was more natural like putting on someone else’s glove that was the same size except that the fingers had kept the shape of the previous occupant. There was still pain but it was now tempered for Jason with the feeling of being enveloped by Morrigan’s warm welcome. It was an embrace like no other he had ever experienced.

Jason adjusted to Morrigan’s dimensions by stretching out to fill every extremity. Unfurling and flapping the giant wings then flexing the huge claws on each of the great hind legs and then finally attempting once again to thrash the long heavy tail.

And each time Morrigan would gently take control and calm the thrashing tail back to a delicate sweep, back and forth laughingly saying “Are we done yet?”.

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