March 2015 – Quick meeting roundup

Shout out to Scifantorites Brad, Brett and Zane to take care of themselves and get better soon.

We enjoyed today’s new venue Café Two Highland Reserve, Upper Coommera.

What have the Scifantorites been up to recently…

Brett is doing really well on the first book of his new Miondor series. Last month Brett handed out the first 3 chapters for review and feedback. Personally I would like to say, “More please…”.

David has finished 2 screenplays and has done about 7 editing passes over the scripts in preparation for submitting them. I am exhausted thinking about all that very hard work.

Kim went to Christchurch for Armageddon 2015 this month. Apart from having a good time and meeting lots of lovely people, she sold out all the books she took with her from the Battle in the Dark series. Well done!

It was lovely to see Zane again – hope you get better soon and are back to being your Roy Findley self.

Discussions today…

  • Editors that do not live up to author’s expectations…
  • Netflix
  • Kim’s time in Christchurch
  • New Amazon service to help authors market their work

Recommended by Scifantorites…

Books:   The Originals by Cat Patrick.

Movies:   After the Dark (2013).

Other bits and pieces…

“Every time I roll my eyes another piece of my soul dies” from David who rolls his eyes at a lot of things we say at meetings.

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Shapeshifters / Doppelganger”.

To catchup on Shapeshifter stories click here and Doppelganger click here.

 Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Birthdays”

April is birthday central; “Happy Birthday!” to Kim, Zane, David and Janis on their birthdays in April.

And a “Belated Happy Birthday!” to Brett for last month.

Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 26th April.

The meeting in April will be on Sunday 26th April one week later, as Gold Coast Supernova will be on Sunday 19th April.

We will keep you posted about the venue..

Have a good month everyone!!!


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