Rhina’s upset

The resulting mayhem would be delicious. It had been a while and I was going to enjoy it.

Ever since that first upset with Rhina, the upset that had caused my internal spark to warn me that it was time for another change. That upset had brought Rhina to my attention. From that time I proceeded to gather further evidence about Rhina’s suitability and give myself time to shore up my determination.

That determination would allow me to choose one subject and not a composite of multiple subjects like my last change. Although the last change had been enjoyable and without drama.

I had prepared my neighbours, my work colleagues and my acquaintances of my impending departure. I had given some nebulous far off date for my return.

That supposed time away would be my regeneration period.

Soon I would be ready as Rhina’s double to make an entrance at various events; upsetting her family members, one at a time, her work colleagues en masse, her friends and finally her lover.

Rhina’s schedule was pre-set; she was a creature of habit. That had made my planned insurgence all the easier.

I looked in the mirror and smiled at Rhina’s features.


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