Mud Guts the Dragon Slayer

An Ode to Adriana

I’d like to take a moment to draw your attention to one of our members, Adriana – AKA Mud Guts the Dragon Slayer.

When I first joined this group, Adriana identified herself as a ‘reader’… she had no intention of writing, but she’s an avid reader of anything sci-fi/fantasy related. She also does a great job of keeping us organised, and summarising our chaotic meetings. Adriana is insightful and thought-provoking, and – on top of all that – she’s fun to have around. Adriana has a great sense of humour!

For quite a few months now, Adriana has been writing microfiction for our monthly themes. For a ‘reader’, she does great work! Every month, her microfiction engages us and makes us think. Every month, they just get better… more imaginative, more professional.

Keep up the good work, MG the DS! You’re appreciated, and we enjoy seeing you grow as a writer 🙂

You can read all of Adriana’s microfiction here 🙂


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