April 2015 – Quick roundup – No Meeting

There will be no Scifantor meeting for the month of April.

We look forward to the May meeting on Sunday 31st May at Café Two Highland Reserve, Upper Coomera.

We hope that Brad, Brett and Zane are well on the way to good health or as close an approximation that fighting behemoths and other flying objects without raising a sweat is back to being second nature.

Congratulations to Kim for putting herself out there and selling her books at Supanova in Melbourne and Gold Coast.  Your courage and determination is admirable. We know that your hard work this year will pay off with a more appreciative and wider audience.

David and Brett are in “sunny” Melbourne for the next little while. Hopefully they are not missing the sunshine too much and that Brett is typing away furiously on his Miondor series.

John and Adriana went to Supanova Gold Coast. Some highlights, for us were;

Seeing how good Kim’s stand looked at Supanova.

Kim at Supanova Gold Coast
Kim at Supanova Gold Coast

 We attended a talk on the art of applying a prosthetic scar on a human…outcome gruesome and gory.


We also went to a panel on a new movie called Infini to be released 8 May 2015. The panel consisted of the director, Shane Abbess and the actors, Daniel MacPherson, Kevin Copeland, Dwaine Stevenson and Harry Pavlidis.

We were extremely impressed with the director and cast and the camaraderie amongst them. Some interesting tidbits; the film was made over a two month period in a warehouse in Sydney. The set was completely built and did not consist of green screens. Most of the cast and director lived on the set for the duration of the film and did not go home. The actors tried to stay in character even when not filming. The director said he was aiming to recapture the sci-fi films from around 1979 to 1982 era, when movies like Alien were made.

Infini movie panel at Supanova Gold Coast
Infini movie panel at Supanova Gold Coast

We saw the trailer and some excerpts from the making of documentary which will be available with the movie when downloaded from iTunes. I am looking forward to going to see this one at the movies.

And our last stop for the day was to an interview with Peter F Hamilton. He talked about being a “planning” author. That sometimes, he can take 3 years to write a book, in that case it was one of his space operas…and in that 3 year time period, he spent the first 6 months planning.

Being around the same age, it was interesting to hear him say what authors had a strong influence on him when he was growing up e.g. Asimov, Heinlein etc.

We leave you this month with some more photos from Supanova Gold Coast.

Have a great month everyone!

Supanova 2015 Gold Coast
Supanova 2015 Gold Coast






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  1. Thanks for another great round-up Adriana! I am doing well… fighting fit and ready to rumble 🙂 Kim looks so beautiful in this photo! But she always does… I hope she had a fun time at Supanova, and that it was a roaring success for her 🙂 I’m working away at Miondor and can’t wait to show you all my latest stuff… See you when we get back

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