The Shadows

In the eternal struggle between good and evil, each battle is a victory for the sinister ones. Wars between nations, conflicts between religions, even petty feuds among friends and neighbours, all shine a spotlight on evil and advance its cause: anarchy and destruction. No matter who the victor, these public battles – all fought in the light, all with the best of intentions – promote the goals of the dark forces.

Conversely, the biggest victories for good happen in the dark. They are not openly acknowledged, yet alone glorified. These tiny strikes against evil occur in the cracks of society, in the spaces where nobody looks. That tiny baby, whose death stunned an entire world, was destined to do much evil. Now, he can’t.

We grieve, along with the rest of the world. However, we aren’t grieving the loss of the child… we are grieving our dwindling goodness. Each horrific act destroys a part of us, no matter our intentions. The agents of good operate best where no eyes are drawn, performing small evil tasks for the greater good. We are light, yet we operate in the dark.

We are the Shadows.


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