Space/Time Fabric Renewal

I approached the tinted doors from the street not knowing how many would be queued up in there. Doors slid apart and the place was packed. I never pick a good time. There was the touch screen in front of me. I hit “Registration Renewal” and the machine spat out a ticket. Its number was hundreds higher than that on the high screen on the far wall.

Regos are my only vice so I’m here a bit always on the due date but I’ve never seen that before. Was I too early? I thought I’d try for another ticket so hit the screen. The second ticket number was a hundred less than on the wall. A loud clap of thunder shook the building forcing me to spin around and look outside. There the road was awash with storm water but the sun was still out. People were shaking off and folding up their umbrellas. No one in the packed large room looked the same.

I was struck by a dreaded thought: Had a tear in the space/time fabric made me miss paying my rego on time?

Author: Scifantor

Fear me. I am your god.

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