July 2015 – Quick roundup

What have the Scifantorites been up to recently…

Kim had a book signing event at Angus & Robertson at Victoria Point on Saturday 18th July. It was a very successful day. Well done Kim!

Kim has also been to Sydney and Melbourne Supanova events in the last month or so. We hope that all your hard work at these events is going to pay off with an increase in readership and widening fanbase for your books.

Brett and David have both submitted scripts to Amazon Studios. Currently the scripts are in a 45 day evaluation period. If the script is moved on to the next stage, there is a $10,000 retainer for the author. From this stage, a pilot will be made. If the pilot is well received, a TV Series could eventuate.

There are currently some 2000 scripts online for people to read and review. You can upload your script as private or public. If you select public, it can be viewed online.

Discussions today…

How do you promote yourself? How do you get your book noticed?

After you have written your book, do you then spend an equal amount of time promoting your book?

Reader’s ratings on GoodReads and Amazon: As an author do you read them, do you take notice? Is this healthy? How much notice as an author should you take of these ratings? What do you think?

Where should you publish your book? Amazon! Why? It has the most smart, intuitive and with it website! It was unanimous!!!

What have the Scifantorites been reading…

Adriana recommends Charlaine Harris’s Midnight Texas series (Urban Fantasy), Midnight Crossroad (book 1 – 2014) and Day Shift (book 2 – 2015)

Brett recommends Clive Barker’s The Scarlet Gospels (2015 – Horror)

Kim recommends Betty Mahmoody’s Not Without My Daughter (2004 – Memoir)

What have the Scifantorites been watching…

TV Series

2015 Season 1 Drama, Paranormal series Glitch
2015 Season 1 Action, Crime drama, Superhero series Daredevil
2015 Season 1 Comedy-drama, Crime, Horror series iZombie
2015 Season 1 Science fiction, Drama, Adventure series Killjoys
2015 Season 1 Space opera series Dark Matter
2015 Season 1 Science fiction series Humans
2015 Season 2 American post-apocalyptic series The Last Ship

TV Series – Trailers

The Shannara Chronicles based on Terry Brooks’s, The Original Shannara Trilogy
To be Released January 2016
Fear the Walking Dead (spin off from The Walking Dead)
To be Released August 2015


1971 Thriller film Wake in Fright
2015 Science fiction, Adventure film Jurasic World 
2013 Superman superhero film The Man of Steel
2001 Spanish-Mexican gothic horror film The Devil’s Backbone
2006 Dark fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth 

The Devil’s Backbone & Pan’s Labyrinth were directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Movie – Trailers

To Be Released 2016 An antihero team, superhero film Suicide Squad  

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “Renewal”.

Lots of micro fiction presented at the meeting.  Catch them here.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “Dictatorships”

Next month’s meeting is at 9.30am on Sunday 6th September, 9:30am (or 9:00am if you’d like to have breakfast).

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