Mirwa watched them as they flew into the distance. He was perched on the very edge of the ledge. There was no courage left to simply leap into the air. His claws were firmly gripped into the ground.

His inner shame now drowned all the past humiliations he had endured in his short life. His thoughts slowed as he mentally revisited the past few months examining the circumstances that had brought him to this ledge. Was there anything he could have done that would not have led him to this?

Mirwa was the last in the class to have attempted to dive bomb. The rest of the class had been doing so since they could first unfurl their wings and leap of anything with some height. His one and only attempt had led to his banishment from the Wing class. No-one else had been banned. The runt, the one with the littlest wings and in most need of practise had been banned. And in the banning been finally and completely shunned by his bigger classmates.

In retrospect at every turn he thought he had been blocked. The daily routine of the class was simple; to learn and have fun with each new day a new adventure. The rest of the class seemed to live without boundaries. While his every action was viewed and commented on by all including the elders making his life one of restricted boundaries.

Why had he come with them today? Had he thought to simply take to the air alongside them all?

With a final glance out over the distance where no dragon skin glinted in the sunlight, he turned and began the long lonely walk back.


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