October 2015 – Quick meeting roundup

Thank you again to Cherie and Kim for hosting today’s meeting.

Grelfie …

The word for the meeting: Astroturfing:
Oxford dictionary definition is “The deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated marketing or public relations campaign in the guise of unsolicited comments from members of the public.”
Wikipedia’s definition is quite involved and worth a read.
The word was used in our meeting in conjunction with book reviews; if your book only has 4 and 5 star reviews, it can appear that you are astroturfing the reviews to get more readership. Having some reviews with 1 and 2 stars makes the reviews appear more rounded.

What have the Scifantorites been up to recently…
Kim – has been busy. Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark #3) is due for release on 25th November. We got a preview of the cover art today and it looks fantastic. There have been pre-orders for the book from fans. Coming up, for Kim is AMC Expo (Australian Movie & Comic Expo) in Melbourne, Armageddon in Auckland and Supanova in Adelaide and Brisbane. There are 2 book signings at Angus & Robertson in Ipswich on 7th November and at Victoria Point on 14th November.
Kim’s bio looks good too on the AMC Expo site.

Janis – Good Luck with the thesis and house renos! Hope to see in November.

David – is currently writing a movie script. The script is in 4 acts. David has written 2/3rds of act 1. The movie script will be for a 90 to 100 minute movie. David plans to submit this script to Amazon Studios and a couple of other script writing competitions.

Cherie – has been committed to entering a fan art in November’s Brisbane Supanova competition. We all hunted around for a subject and the best we could do was ‘The Invisible Man’.

Brett – has posted the cover art for Once upon a World, book 1 of the Miondor series. The word count for book 1 is currently at 80,000. But Brett keeps getting side tracked by TV pilots like ‘The Pitch’ a script about a TV executive. And more short stories for a second book in ‘The Cursed’ series.

Brad – wrote a terrific micro fiction this month. He has lots of book plots floating around. Brad is waiting for David’s opinion on his book M.A.D 2.

Adriana – wrote a first draft micro fiction this month. For the first time, I have a story where there is a beginning, no middle and a sort of end…and this story has more but not sure what, so waiting for inspiration to see where it goes.

Other discussions…
Good Reads – once a book title has been uploaded to Good Reads, it cannot be taken down. Unfortunately, it is set in stone. This is unfortunate for authors that want to change their name or a book title etc. This note is based on personal experience from Scifantor’s members.
Script timings:
• Drama usually plays at 1 script page is 1 minute on screen.
• Comedy usually plays at 1 script page is 30 seconds on screen.

What have the Scifantorites been watching, reading…
Scream Queens – 2015 TV Series – Season 1
Quantico – 2015 TV Series – Season 1
American Horror Story: Hotel – 2015 TV Series – Season 5
Wallender – Swedish TV Series – began in 2005 and still going
The Martian – Movie released October 2015
El ministerio del tiempo – 2015 Spanish TV Series – Season 1
The Bastard Executioner – 2015 TV Series – Season 1
Heros – 2015 TV Series – Season 5
X Files – March 2015, X Files will be returning as a mini series in 2016
Looking forward to…
Crimson Peak – upcoming movie to be released in October 2015

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was “A Dream Come True”.
Wow, superb micro fiction this month from the group. Catch the micro fiction here.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is “The Road Not Taken.”.

Next month’s meeting is at 9.00am on Sunday 1st November.

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