The Road Not Taken

Every decision I have made in my life has left alternative decisions in my wake; any number of those decisions that could have turned my life around.

Each decision has required my choice, whether that choice was made consciously or carelessly without thought.

When my decision led me left instead of right or straight ahead instead of going back, at that time I was enjoying the hills, the valleys, the bends and curves, the scenic lookouts and the rough dirt tracks that made up my journey. I was caught up in the euphoria of control that led my journey to the here and now.

Some of those decisions I did not take, the ones I can identify now, any one of them could have led me elsewhere.

My life has not been a flat straight road but whose life is?

As I sit and wait for the jury’s verdict, and in cold blood, I now have the luxury to examine my life and see at what point I took the road I should not have taken.


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