January 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

Scifantorite New Year’s Resolutions…

Brett wants to complete 2 writing projects this year
– Book 1 of his Miondor 7 book series
– A cop story with the working title of ‘Tumble’
And another task he wants to undertake is looking for a traditional publisher to explore what opportunities are available along this road compared to self-publishing. Along with this is moving later this year and of course getting healthier.

Cherie wants to finish her book with the working title of ‘Shared Passion’, a historical romance from 1850. The story arc has been written and chapter 1 is well on the way.

David wants to complete 2 writing projects this year
– The script ‘Elephant Grey’
– Another script – details unknown yet
Then he wants to prepare these scripts for the various script competitions as well as presenting the scripts to traditional avenues.

Kim wants to finish
– A romance novel, working title of ‘Unmasked’. Kim has a couple of thousand words already finished and wants to publish this under a pseudonym
– A horror graphic novel (half comic, half novel), working title of ‘Infernum’. The plotting for book 1 has been started
– A scifi ghost story
Reign of Fury, book 3 of Battles In The Dark series, has been selling really will after its release along with The Ultimate Killer, book 2.  Kim is travelling to the US in August/September to network.

Adriana would like to complete a short story this year along with keeping to the schedule of completing a micro fiction every month. Already behind having missed the January micro fiction, she aims to not miss another deadline this year.

We also hope to catch up with Brad, Janis and Zane and get their new year’s resolution, so that they can be added to this post.

What have the Scifantorites been watching, reading…

Solace   (2015 film)
Drown   (2015 film)
Bon Cop, Bad Cop   (2006 film)  (one of the highest-grossing Canadian films of all time domestically)
The Colony   (2013 film)
A Second Chance   (2015 film)
The Lobster   (2015 film)

TV Series
Hellfjord   (2012 – Series 1)
The Shannara Chronicles   (2016 – Series 1)
Into the Badlands   (2015 – Series 1)
The Man in the High Castle   (2015 – Series 1)
(series is loosely based on the 1962 novel of the same name by American science fiction author Philip K. Dick)
Mozart in the Jungle   (2014 – Series 1)
The Expanse   (2015 – Series 1)
Nowhere Boys   (2014 – Series 1)
Ash vs Evil Dead   (2015 – Series 1)
Younger   (2015 – Series 1)
Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands   (2016 – Series 1)
Legends of Tomorrow   (2016 – Series 1) Scifantor says No No No!!! Don’t bother!!!
Stan Lee’s Lucky Man   (2016 – Series 1)
1864   (2014 – Series 1)
Heartless   (2014 – Series 1)

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was

  • Zombie Christmas from Planet X
  • Heartless Christmas
  • Or whatever you have done on Suicide City

Micro fiction can be viewed by clicking here

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Subzero’

Next month’s meeting…

Time:                  9:30am to 11:30am  (9am if joining us for breakfast)
Venue:                 Royal Pines Golf Course – Tees Clubhouse
Where:                The golf course is at Ross St, Benowa, follow the signs to “Golf and Tennis” to find the clubhouse


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