New World

I awoke with an all-encompassing hunger and wallowed in the strength of it. It was a new to me and I used to marvel at each new sensation, at each new thought as it revealed itself to me. My awareness of such made me feel more alive and in control of my little world.

But the hunger was different; it had urgency to it. And unlike other sensations and thoughts I did not feel stronger than it. The urgent hunger grew bigger than me. There was no escape.

I forgot about the cosy times when cocooned in my little world I felt warm and safe. Before my world began to shrink and grow colder.

Now I filled every bit of my little world, I was my world. In here, there was no room for this urgent hunger.

Unlike the cold and shrinking space, I could not shut the hunger out. I could not curl tighter into myself to make my space seem bigger, nor warm my limbs by expelling my breath against them to shut out the cold.

The urgent hunger grew bigger yet filling every space in my little world.

In frustration and anger I beat my snout against the walls. Again and again as hard as I could, my action giving me some ease.

Fine cracks began to radiate from the centre of impact. The hard walls were not so hard after all.

As the cracks grew wider from my repeated impacts, small sections of wall began to fall outward. The inner lining of the wall gave but did not tear. I had to use my claws to puncture then tear through the lining.

When the opening was wide enough I pushed my head through, looking around me to get a look at the unknown outside world. My shoulders and rest of my body followed. I shook myself violently to remove the last sections of walls of my home attached to me.

I stretched out for the first time in my life without meeting any confines. The air was cold, crisp. A light dusting of snow was gently falling, creating a white mantle on the landscape and the huge creatures before me.

They looked at me inclining their heads towards me in greeting. I looked back inclining my head in return. Then I felt a buzz inside my head. Looking at the huge creatures defiantly I lifted myself up to shake myself free of it.

The buzz became distinct and thoughts began to appear that I could understand. I froze standing there before them, small and defenceless. They greeted me as one of their kind and welcomed me to their world.

hatching baby dragon


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