First Home

It was blue! Not quite what she had envisaged for her first home. In her mind a soothing green overlayed on the blue would make all the difference. With hard work she would make it be the perfect first home! Taking ownership sight unseen meant that not everything could be as she wished and that many changes were required to accommodate her vast family. 

All the preparations to make this journey had been so rushed but it had been worthwhile to get here now as the last stage of her gestation was beginning, the nesting stage. This stage meant that her inner sense of urgency had increased and she would work her family hard to complete the changes required to make this home habitable. 

The information about her new home had been sketchy but it had been sufficient for the reigning Queens to agree to provision a ship. With each ship, a crew was needed and each reigning Queen made the ultimate sacrifice and gave members from their own families to go with the ship. Those members from all the different Queens now constituted her family; they would be the elders that would raise and train the next generation she carried. 

For her there had been no hesitation about whether she wanted this opportunity. Being selected to head the expedition meant leaving home but that was the only way to gain independence from the other established Queens and the freedom to shape a world the way she wanted. 

The journey time had given the disparate members of her family time to adjust to her as their new Queen and time to bond with one another under her guidance. They would work hard together to prepare her first home and their home too! 

From the deck of her ship she surveyed the start of the drone descent to the blue planet. The first task was to rid the planet of the dominant pest overrunning it. Once that task was done, they could move in and begin the greening.


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