May 2016 – Quick meeting roundup


We had a visitor this month, welcome Kasia Radzka. We hope you had a good time and we look forward to seeing you at future Scifantor meetings.


June Event…

Author event at Wellington Point on Saturday 4th June. More info to come…

Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

To map or not to map… is adding a map to go with your story worthwhile. The general consensus was yes, especially for Fantasy. And highly recommended if the place names in your story are strange and the story includes travelling.

Twitter or not to twitter…is it worthwhile being on this social medium as part of your author artillery.

What is a ‘cold opening’ although we started by calling it a ‘cold start’ which is something different. Check out the wiki meanings for Cold Open and Cold Start for IT and Cold Start for military.

Inspiration and where if comes from: Kim talked about getting her inspiration for her comic script/novel from all the cons that she has attended where people tended to fall into two groups, those that read comics and those that read books. Writing for the comic genre can be tricky, currently it is not fashionable to put in sound effects. Authors even comic script authors should show not tell.

Getting funding: Becky mentioned AMP’s Tomorrow Fund. This is a private company that is offering grants from $10,000 to $100,000 in any field from art to technology. The site is really worth a look even if unfortunately the closing date for 2016 is 18th May. A site worth remembering.

What have the Scifantorites been up to…

Kaisa has a third book is about to be published. If you want to catch up with Book 1 and 2; Lethal Instincts and Lethal Disposal. Lethal Aftershock is the new book being published next week

Becky has been busy technical writing for work. We really enjoyed your micro fiction ‘RenovHate’ this month.

Brad has been fixing typos in his published work; looking forward to your micro fiction next month.

Brett handed out hard copies of ‘Hunted’ to our newer members. He has finished 80% of Book 1 of the Miondor Series.

Catherine has had a busy month working, studying (literature and composition) and mothering.

Cherie looking forward to your micro fiction next month.

David has been busy at work but using his creativity to reduce his homicidal stress levels. He has had some very exciting ideas that will be great novellas. The script ‘Elephant Grey’ did not get much of a look in this month but things might pick up next month.

Kim attended the Fortitude Valley Markets last week along with some other authors. Unfortunately the venue was not a great one with very little opportunity to engage with readers. Onto good news, Kim has one more chapter to go on her comic script/novel to complete her proof of concept. Kim has put out the first 2 chapters for feedback.

Janis has been writing digital books for the Mudgeeraba Lighthorse Museum. Some of these have been published on iBooks. Currently Janis is working on another story using postcards and journals from a World War 1 veteran.

What have the Scifantorites been reading, watching…


Becky recommends The Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky as a really interesting read.

Brett is really enjoying The Rook by Daniel O’Malley and has an early recommendation even though he is only part way through.

This month’s Micro Fiction theme was ‘Renovations’

Micro fiction can be viewed by clicking here.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Heart’

Next month’s meeting…

Date:                    Sunday 19th June

Time:                    9:30am to 11:30am (9am if you would like to join us for breakfast)

Venue:                 Royal Pines Golf Course – Tee’s Clubhouse

Where:                Ross St, Benowa. Follow the signs for ‘Golf and Tennis’ to find the café.

See you there!

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