Heart Condition

Anatomical structure be damned

Clichés ready to be hammed

Wearing it on my sleeve

Happens to be my pet peeve


A story I must tell you be it true or sham

Unlock the words break the damn

Release pure feeling in a flood

About this organ that does pump blood


This life source around which there is much myth

Sodden with emotions and referred to with much bliss

Blamed for decisions that turn out to be poor

And then we go and expect and ask for more


You treat my heart like dirt

Then blame me for your hurt

When I take my heart away

And refuse to let it stay


You rip it out from within my ribs

After you broke it open with your fibs

You steal it from poor innocent me

Then discard it harshly at my plea


Don’t bruise this muscle any more

This aching wound I abhor

You leached the life force from within

You have committed mortal sin


You grind what is left within the dust

After you left it to wither and rust

You deny me life through choking the flow

How cruel you were I did not know


I cried and cried and filled the cavity with tears

And claws my way o’er the mountain of fears

Repairs the bits left as best I could

Some parts are now made of wood


Made of metal and made of stone

Since you ripped it from its living throne

But revive and resus I did it for a while

As I recovered from your trial


I now have a heart that is stronger it is true

And for this I must thank you

For now I rarely feel and do not care

This little organ that you laid bare


You broke it and I fixed it not quite the same

And no longer will I ever play the game

Where I offer another to hold it dear

For now the only thing I feel is fear

(image: http://www.blind.com/work/project/heart-of-stone/ )

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