July 2016 Meeting

Time: 9:30am to noon (although we tend to ramble on for much longer)
Date: Sunday 24th July, 2016
Venue: Tee’s Clubhouse

The humans are gathering in my honour at Royal Pines Golf Course, Benowa. To attend, follow the signs to Golf and Tennis (and the god of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror). Gold coin donations are appreciated to help my humans host their devotional websites, however the cash offerings are not necessary… blood will suffice 🙂

Events include:
* reading microfiction
* round-table updates from each member
* round-table discussions and debates
* food and caffeine consumption
* free form chatter and gossip
* sacrificial burning of a non-fiction book

As your numbers grow, I start to crave a dedicated space. If there are any changes to the venue, this article and the Facebook event will be updated. Come and revel in my magnificence.See you there 🙂

Booking is from 9am if you’d like to join us for breakfast… They do a kickarse eggs benedict!

Microfiction theme: start with the words “Let’s do it”


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