The Climb

“Let it be!” Rory paused and shouted into the wind as he looked up at Jo clinging to the cliff above him. Rory’s words were taken by the wind; they did not reach Jo’s ears.

Jo had reached the ledge of the cave carved into the cliff face. He could now cling with one arm and his foot holds to the cliff face and use his other arm to draw the long metal hook from behind his back where he had stuck it down his shirt before they had begun the climb.

Rory paused again and yelled towards Jo, “Let it be!” The wind proceeded to take these words away too. Jo finished drawing the long metal hook and stretched it out over his head to poke at something in front of him on the ledge.

Looking up as Jo continued to poke; Rory drew in another breath and continued his climb up. As he climbed he muttered to himself like a mantra, “Let it be, don’t hurt it Jo, let it be”.

They had argued at the bottom of the cliff, not the good natured arguing between the best of friends taking opposing sides for the joy of a good discussion. But like two men opposing each other with their different faiths held like banners before them attempting to brow beat each other into submission.

It had started when they had first sighted the glorious creature flying out over the sea. They had heard of them, seen them on the screen but no-one had ever expected them to come to this part of the world. That sighting had started Jo off onto a path that his best friend Rory could not follow. A path seeking fame and fortune, Rory thought in disbelief at the expense of those wondrous creatures.

As Jo had proceeded to plan, Rory’s dismay had deepened. Nothing he had said to Jo had made any difference. What he intended to do was not illegal, Rory thought but it was unethical. The plan had led them to this climb.

Rory looked up again as the wind brought him the sound of the baby’s cries at the intrusion. He whispered to himself as he continued to climb, “Let it be, don’t hurt it Jo, let it be”.


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