August 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

Writer’s Festivals…

We discussed the benefits of attending writer’s festivals. Renee went to the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival in early August.

4  workshops she went to;

  • Sales & Marketing for Self-Published authors
  • Tools of the Trade (Punctuation and Grammer)
  • Editing Like a Pro (Tricks of the Trade)
  • Google My Business (on how to set up your business page)

Background noise

The website noisli has background sounds that can help you improve your focus, boost your productivity, set the mood for a scene you are writing. It is worth checking out.

Kim’s trip to the USA…

I won’t recount Kim’s stories about her trip, just let me say, it does sound as if she had a great time!

What have the Scifantorites been up to…

Renee is currently working on her 3rd book. And in September she has a table at OZ Comic Con Brisbane. So if you can pop in and say ‘Hi’.

Kim returned from America with lots to tell.

Brad is reading a clever book written by a Pom (can’t remember the guy’s name). The movie ‘Red Dog’ was based on the book. The author is Louis De Bernieres. He interviewed people about red dog after coming across the bronze statue of red dog in his travels and from those interviews he wrote the book.

What have the Scifantorites been reading, watching…


Zane recommends ‘After It Happened’ series by Devon C Ford. There are 4 books in the series so far; Book 1 ‘Survival’, Book 2 ‘Humanity’, Book 3 ‘Society’ and Book 4 ‘Hope’. Book 5 is not published yet.

And ‘Dead Wrong’ by Helen H Durrant

Kim recommends ‘Area 7’, book 2 from Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow novels

And ‘Beauty’s Kingdom’ Book 4 Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series


Sausage Party   Zane gives 3 ***

Ben Hur   Renee gives 4 ****

Suicide Squad     Reneee gives 5 ***** for look and 3 *** for story;  Zane gives 5 *****

Jason Bourne    Adriana gives 5 *****

Don’t Breath    Kim gives 4 ****

This month’s Micro Fiction theme…’Splinter’

Read member’s micro fiction here.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Abstinence, Absence and Absinth’

Next month’s meeting…

Date:              Sunday 25th September

This is 4th Sunday of month as OZ Comic Con Brisbane is 17-18 September

Time:             9:30am to 11:30am (9am if you would like to join us for breakfast)

Venue:          Royal Pines Golf Course – Tee’s Clubhouse

Where:          Ross St, Benowa. Follow the signs for ‘Golf and Tennis’ to find the café.

NOTE: We are looking at different venues, somewhere quieter. We will advise if the location changes before the next meeting.

See you there!

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