October 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

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Viagra Sausages

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Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

*** BIG NEWS ***

It is with much regret that Brett and David announced their move to Wellington, New Zealand in November. The Scifantor meeting on Sunday 20th November 2016 will be their last meeting with us until they come back for a visit once our viciously humid summer is over. We have yet to figure out a way to have Brett and David come to our meetings electronically but we are working on it.
Alternatively Brett and David might think about starting a chapter of Scifantor in Wellington .

Snippets of topics touched on.
• How the top Youtubers make their money through advertising. Subscribers must watch the complete video for the Youtube creators to be paid
• Facebook requires people to pay for a booster to get everyone following their page to view their posts. Shameless!
• Viagra sausages
• The science that is experimenting with cutting animal’s heads off in order to reattach them back to see if they can do it and the animal survive
• The unbelievable science rewiring nerves to prosthetics so that the injured person can ‘feel’ their new hand
• New contact lenses that give the wearer better than 20/20 vision

What have the Scifantorites been up to…

Kaisa has started a new series and has written approximately 10,000. She is hoping the challenge of getting 50,000 words written during NaNoWriMo will move the series right along.

Zane has been listening to Casey Niestat. Neistat is a video blogger or vloger and is one of the 3 top youtubers. In October 2016, Neistat reached 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

David has been thinking about plot lines for children’s books. Looking at Enid Blyton’s output throughout her career for example she sometimes produced fifty books in a year; David is looking at the challenge of NaNoWriMo and prodding Adriana to take up the challenge as well!

Brendan has had a hectic few months. He has had to rethink his life and businesses due to certain circumstances. All in all, he has spent the last little while rearranging his life. He started a new business and instead of shelving his ideas as a someday thing, he has started to move on them and is really happy with the way things are turning out. Currently he is making a Samurai tiger armor; can’t wait to see the photos.

Kim did manage to get her grant in by the deadline given that the original draft had to be cut down by 2/3rds. She should hear back within 12 weeks. But not willing to sit and wait, Kim is actively working on a ‘Plan B’ in case the grant is not forthcoming. One possibility is to format books for other authors.

Cherie has been seriously ill and today was the first time in 6 weeks that she has been out. Welcome back and we wish you good health and lots more Scifantor meetings to attend.

Brett has been writing but struggles to maintain focus due to the humidity. The climate in Wellington should improve Brett’s health and allow lots more lovely writing from him. Brett tweeted a link to his poem ‘You Hold My Heart’ to Joshua Sasse fiancée of Kylie Minogue. Joshua has starred in the 2 TV Series Rogue and Galavant. Joshua tweeted Brett back saying that Brett was doing good work! Way to go Brett.

What have the Scifantorites been reading, watching…

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

iZombie (2015, 2016)
Poldark (2015)
Lucifer (2016)
Shades of Blue (2016)
Frequency (2016)
Timeless (2016)
The Exorcist (2016)
West World (2016)

New TV Series – coming soon
Midnight, Texas (based on book series by Charlaine Harris of Trueblood fame)

This month’s Micro Fiction theme…‘Boobs’ or ‘Cleavage’ or both.

Our micro fiction is posted on the Scifantor website, just go to the Members menu and select the author’s name to read their micro fiction.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Cruising’.

Next month’s meeting…

Date: Sunday 20th November
Time: 9:30am to 11:30am (9am if you would like to join us for breakfast)
Venue: Royal Pines Golf Course – Tee’s Clubhouse
Where: Ross St, Benowa. Follow the signs for ‘Golf and Tennis’ to find the café.
NOTE: We are looking at different venues, somewhere quieter. We will advise if the location changes before the next meeting.

See you there!


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