February 2017 – Quick meeting roundup


Renee giving us all the ‘thumbs up’ on Sunday!

Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

Reduced and Fair Costs for Australian Authors.

There is a petition to introduce fairer postal costs for Australian authors. Click on the link below and go SIGN THE PETITION.


Getting your manuscript assessed:

Renee sent her first book to Manuscript Assessment Agency. They gave Renee 8 pages of recommended changes. Renee did 7 drafts on her first book and she believes that the feedback from the agency helped improve her writing through those drafts. Go through the book images on the website you’ll see the cover of Renee’s 1st book.

Bundles are the new buzz:

A couple of authors get together and produce a book which contains the first book from a series from each author. This book is priced at the cost of one book but the reader gets a couple of other books. They can then go on to purchase the rest of the books from whichever of the series they liked. Kim said that this was very popular last year. The ones she had seen had books from different genres. There was discussion that putting 3 books from the same genre would be more appealing to readers.

What have the Scifantorites been up to…

Kasia has shelved her detective series for the moment and is currently working on a fantasy/sci fi idea. She is attempting to write book 1, 2 and 3 by June this year and publish by August. Just in time for Armageddon in Auckland :). Go Kasia!

 Kim had copies of the artwork she has received for the first chapter of her book. It was very impressive. She is also in the process of reworking book 1 from her Species Within series. Kim hopes to do this in time for Perth Oz Comic Con. We think you can too!

 Lani has shelved the manuscript she was working on previously to start on another idea that was in the back of her mind. She has written 35,000 words so far. Well done Lani!

 Renee has nearly finished the cover for her third book. She purchased an image she loves and has been tailoring this to suit. She is currently working on Book 3 and has some 20,000 words or 8 chapters under her belt along with some injuries from just living her life. Renee is going to Gold Coast Supanova. Seriously impressed with your dedication and your super sized thumb :).

There was no Micro Fiction this month.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Regeneration’.

Next month’s meeting…

Date:              Sunday 19th March

Time:             9:30am to 11:30am (9am if you would like to join us for breakfast)

Venue:          Royal Pines Golf Course – Tee’s Clubhouse

Where:          Ross St, Benowa. Follow the signs for ‘Golf and Tennis’ to find the café.

See you there!


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