February 2017 – Quick meeting roundup


Renee giving us all the ‘thumbs up’ on Sunday!

Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

Reduced and Fair Costs for Australian Authors.

There is a petition to introduce fairer postal costs for Australian authors. Click on the link below and go SIGN THE PETITION.


Getting your manuscript assessed:

Renee sent her first book to Manuscript Assessment Agency. They gave Renee 8 pages of recommended changes.[...] read more

December 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

xmas-2016 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you…

to all the staff at RACV for getting the table ready for our meetings every month and your friendly service. They made the table look very festive for our December meeting.


This month’s Micro Fiction theme…‘Trumping yourself in the face’.

Two months in a row without any micro fiction. Hopefully next month’s theme will inspire some.

Our micro fiction is posted on the Scifantor website, just go to the Members menu and select the author’s name to read their micro fiction.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Armageddon’.

Next month’s meeting…

Date: Sunday 15th January 2017
Time: 9:30am[...] read more

November 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

Sad News

November’s meeting was really sad as it was the last meeting with Brett and David present in person.


As this blog has been published late, they have already departed Australia and are living in the much cooler climes of Wellington, New Zealand. We wish you all the best and hope you don’t forget to visit us on your trips back to the Gold Coast.

At December’s meeting we may be able to use skype to get them to attend the meeting electronically. Well we will give it a go :).

Alternatively[...] read more

October 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

Phrase of the day

Viagra Sausages

Acronym of the day


Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

*** BIG NEWS ***

It is with much regret that Brett and David announced their move to Wellington, New Zealand in November. The Scifantor meeting on Sunday 20th November 2016 will be their last meeting with us until they come back for a visit once our viciously humid summer is over. We have yet to figure out a way to have Brett and David come to our meetings electronically but we are working on it.
Alternatively Brett and David might think about starting a chapter of Scifantor in Wellington[...] read more

September 2016 – Quick meeting roundup


Thank you Lani for taking the photo.

Phrase of the day

Lips with Boobs

Word of the day


Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

Online Critiques
Is it a good idea to put a sample of your work up to be critiqued by online groups?
What happens if all the comments are negative?
Scribophile was given a good wrap as an online critique forum.

What does it cost to get yourself kitted out if you are going to be an exhibiter at a convention? The general consensus was a couple of hundred dollars; if you shop around or know where[...] read more

August 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

Writer’s Festivals…

We discussed the benefits of attending writer’s festivals. Renee went to the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival in early August.

4  workshops she went to;

  • Sales & Marketing for Self-Published authors
  • Tools of the Trade (Punctuation and Grammer)
  • Editing Like a Pro (Tricks of the Trade)
  • Google My Business (on how to set up your business page)

Background noise

The website noisli has background sounds that can help you improve your focus, boost your productivity, set the mood for a scene you are writing. It is worth checking out.

Kim’s trip to the USA…

I won’t recount Kim’s stories about her trip, just let me say, it does sound as if she had a great time!

What have the Scifantorites been up to…

Renee[...] read more

July 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

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Have I missed any?

Some of the discussions on Sunday in brief…

HOT TOPIC: Editing
This is always such a hot topic. And it can polarize a group of writers discussing[...] read more