The One Day War

People would have called it The One Day War, had there been anyone left. Conflicts and wars peppered the history books but then, without anyone knowing why, people stopped killing each other. That time didn’t have a name, but it should have. Humanity turned its attention to solving all the other impossible problems: ending hunger, comfort and safety for all. People were happy for a time, and then the world went back to normal. Maybe the ending was always fated, maybe[...] read more

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

GG woke with a start, and her first sensation was heat. Intense, broiling heat. Panic flared as she struggled for breath, afraid to open her eyes.

“Sshhh, just relax.” The voice was soothing, pleasant. “Take your time, there’s no rush. We have an eternity.”

GG fought to control her breathing as she slowly opened her eyes. Standing before her was a demon; an actual demon with horns, red skin, and yellow eyes. She gasped, then swallowed back her hysteria.

“That’s[...] read more

The Crackling

People were surprised when it happened, so they said, even though nothing people said mattered anymore. What was the point? Did it really matter who knew what or when they knew it? A guy, a short thin vegetarian with skin the colour of white paint, went around the concentration farms claiming that he always knew. He had a feeling, some deep knowledge that came from a place that never saw daylight. He ended up carving an apology into his skin then bleeding to death when he nicked something.

What[...] read more

I Have A Tale To Tell

TODAY it’s raining shirts and Italian loafers. The forecast said light breezes with a chance of showers but a suitcase just fell from the sky. Looks expensive. Hits a car, explodes on impact, a Porsche, looks expensive.

A man on the street shakes his fist at his wife. She’s throwing his stuff off a apartment balcony. Some rain down like tiny meteors, others drop like stones from the sky.

She’s pregnant, big belly, swollen like a dinosaur. Tiny arms, slender but short. She’s not a real dinosaur.[...] read more


Somewhere in the depths of cold space, more or less at the centre of the Solar System, the Sun went about its thankless task of shredding hydrogen into oblivion. Unaware of the bipedal species only eight minutes away, the Sun went about ripping particles of hydrogen apart, exploding visible light in all directions.

Newly born sun beams, radiating outwards at the speed of light, started their trek across the darkness of space. Some hit strange alien planets in faraway galaxies. A few met their fate[...] read more

Wishing Well

Everybody was surprised, of course, even though they claimed otherwise. When it  became obvious, long after the event, everybody said they knew. It was the way he talked, they said. No, it was the way he thought. He was different but in that special way, you know? Everyone claimed a variation of the same thing: Baxter was the quiet shy kid that was always destined for great things.

Baxter never dispelled the myth. In those rare interviews he would speak of his childhood reluctantly. It was humble,[...] read more

Black Rain

In the dying days of human civilisation, Oscar pulled up his collar, a protection against the black rain. Grotty buildings and grubby faces pressed against him from all sides. Grey clouds and grey concrete added to his somber mood. One woman, dressed in rags despite the weather, held a crudely drawn sign — “Food”. Two men hovered over her arguing in low whispers. A number of curious scars adorned her body. The taller of the two lifted up her shirt exposing a long, fresh wound stitched together[...] read more

Private Thoughts

The young boy stared.

He sat three or four pews ahead, towards the middle of the church. He was dressed in black and up until that moment had bowed his head when needed, sang songs or listed otherwise. He hadn’t done anything he shouldn’t until the centaur arrived.

The half-man, half-horse dipped his head, too tall to fit through the church doors otherwise. He stood on the threshold of the entrance near the alter. The sound of hooves hitting stone pavers announced his arrival and was[...] read more

Robert Wars

The hallway stank of forgotten lunches and misery. At one end stood a tyrant, a young boy. He carved a drawing into a wall, his tool a box cutter. It was a terrible self-portrait. The cheeks were too chubby and the eyes lacked the hint of madness. Nearby smoldering plastic shoes burned, giving the air a hellish hue.

The tyrant stepped back, admiring his handiwork. All around him were discarded trash, broken furniture, and the whimpering bodies of boys and girls. They were lying on the ground trying[...] read more

Winner Takes All

“Hey, old man,” called out Ross.

Ross had been bragging that he’d managed to make a hundred dollars from bare knuckle fighting. Imagine that! People paying good money for what most sponges give away for free. A hundred dollars for beer and sometimes spirits from the dock workers when merchant boats came to port.

Arguments always started that way. Ross had never been in a fight in his life, and I said as much. It was on account of his condition. Part mental but physical too, his[...] read more