Private Thoughts

The young boy stared.

He sat three or four pews ahead, towards the middle of the church. He was dressed in black and up until that moment had bowed his head when needed, sang songs or listed otherwise. He hadn’t done anything he shouldn’t until the centaur arrived.

The half-man, half-horse dipped his head, too tall to fit through the church doors otherwise. He stood on the threshold of the entrance near the alter. The sound of hooves hitting stone pavers announced his arrival and was[...] read more

Robert Wars

The hallway stank of forgotten lunches and misery. At one end stood a tyrant, a young boy. He carved a drawing into a wall, his tool a box cutter. It was a terrible self-portrait. The cheeks were too chubby and the eyes lacked the hint of madness. Nearby smoldering plastic shoes burned, giving the air a hellish hue.

The tyrant stepped back, admiring his handiwork. All around him were discarded trash, broken furniture, and the whimpering bodies of boys and girls. They were lying on the ground trying[...] read more

Winner Takes All

“Hey, old man,” called out Ross.

Ross had been bragging that he’d managed to make a hundred dollars from bare knuckle fighting. Imagine that! People paying good money for what most sponges give away for free. A hundred dollars for beer and sometimes spirits from the dock workers when merchant boats came to port.

Arguments always started that way. Ross had never been in a fight in his life, and I said as much. It was on account of his condition. Part mental but physical too, his[...] read more


“Tell me a bedtime story, George.” Amy, seven years old, tucked herself into bed as she pleaded with her companion.

“It’s a little late, isn’t it?” George questioned, his voice stern.

“Pleeeease?” Amy smiled, exposing the gaps where her front teeth had fallen out.

“OK, fine.” George relented with a sigh. Amy squealed with delight and snuggled under her covers.

“Do you know your Earth history?” George asked.

“It’s the[...] read more

Alien Invasion, Checkmate!

June 23, 2061.

In those first few days, when humanity sprinted out of the shadows, there had been a kind of spiritual awakening. Some hunger, buried deep inside the soul, had finally stirred. People were eager to try something new.

By all accounts, The Last War had been a grubby little affair. Human ingenuity had outdone itself with dazzling brilliance. Successive generations of cheaper and more effective weaponry had bred the ultimate death machines. These were no simple killing tools.

The Weeping[...] read more


The inhabitants of the planet Fele referred to themselves as ‘feisty’ and ‘passionate’; however, other member races of the United Planets called them bloodthirsty, belligerent, vain, and a little fragrant.
Through civil wars, blood feuds, and family disagreements, the planet Fele was an arid wasteland. Only after its inhabitants ran out of resources for their war machines did they finally band together to seek a solution.

Their answer? Invasion. A hostile takeover of another[...] read more


Dayko, test pilot and youngest son of the Phan royal family, sat in quiet contemplation with his head resting on his knees. His perch at the peak of the palace afforded him views across the landscape in every direction. His  next test flight – possibly his last test flight – was due to take place shortly, and Dayko took a deep, trembling breath. He raised his horned head and looked outside, reminding himself of the stakes involved.

Lightning flashed constantly across the sky of dark[...] read more

December 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

xmas-2016 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you…

to all the staff at RACV for getting the table ready for our meetings every month and your friendly service. They made the table look very festive for our December meeting.


This month’s Micro Fiction theme…‘Trumping yourself in the face’.

Two months in a row without any micro fiction. Hopefully next month’s theme will inspire some.

Our micro fiction is posted on the Scifantor website, just go to the Members menu and select the author’s name to read their micro fiction.

Next month’s Micro Fiction theme is ‘Armageddon’.

Next month’s meeting…

Date: Sunday 15th January 2017
Time: 9:30am[...] read more

November 2016 – Quick meeting roundup

Sad News

November’s meeting was really sad as it was the last meeting with Brett and David present in person.


As this blog has been published late, they have already departed Australia and are living in the much cooler climes of Wellington, New Zealand. We wish you all the best and hope you don’t forget to visit us on your trips back to the Gold Coast.

At December’s meeting we may be able to use skype to get them to attend the meeting electronically. Well we will give it a go :).

Alternatively[...] read more

A Tale of Two Titties

It was the best of times but the worst of bras.

The disco lights sparkled across my bazookas like sun on snow. The sweat from my dancing made those funbags glisten as if covered in goose grease ready for a slip and slide.

A shot of tequila held between these two love mountains would definitely bring all the boys to the yard, probably with their tongues hanging out.

I adjusted the nipple on one of the lady lumps to point a little more to the sky. The sweat made them slick to touch and I was feeling[...] read more